Dad and son

This thoughtful husband and dad thought of having a photo session done, previous to Mother's Day, to give cute photographs to his wife for the special occasion (Mother's Day).
So here are my favorites of him and their son.

Casual, 70's look.

Cool dad, son wants to follow.
Funny daddy.

1st birthday party

Pink and lime green!
I had the pleasure of being invited to photograph Caroline's 1st birthday. Here are my favorite captions of the decorations.



2nd Grader

It was fun to photograph this young boy, so eager and ready to start 2nd grade!
 He still has all his baby teeth....

Deep look

In a swing.... candid shot... looking straight through the lens... what are her thoughts?

The Princess....

What a cute one!!

Tiny hands + tiny feet = adorable

And the blessing invitation...

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